Do NOT play with your crayfish!!

Queen, my baby

The fact that I am even having to say that is ridiculous. I am appalled at WikiHow, I know that they don’t have the most accurate/best informational articles but they normally don’t have you risking the life of an animal! And the article has been approved!

I was on Google doing some research on how to help a hurt crayfish, when is this article is suggested to me by wikiHow How to play with a crayfish.

First off using the word “play” is a bad idea, the definition of play is:

engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose

What if a kid sees this article, the first thought is probably going to be that they can play with it like a toy or a cat/dog, which is very dangerous for the crayfish. They are not a toy or a cat/dog so you can’t interact with them the same way. And the kid could end up hurting the crayfish or killing them.

So how do you play with a crayfish? Well according to the article, first you need to remove the crayfish from its tank, it’s safe place. You should only remove a crayfish from its tank if you are cleaning the tank or moving it to a bigger tank. A crayfish can get stressed/hurt and lost outside of his tank and die.

I had a crayfish a couple years ago that escaped his tank (we only have tile and wooden floors), we found him hours later we put him back into water and he was alive but he died a couple days later.

Second it says you should place it on wood or tile floor, a crayfish will be very stressed without having anything under its feet it can grip onto and a crayfish should always have access to water or at least a moist surface so its gills can stay wet.

As for talking to your crayfish I don’t know how well they can hear or if they can hear at all, but there’s no harm in talking to them (I talked to mine).

Third, again same with the second do not have your crayfish on the floor! if you want your crayfish to have some out of the water time give it land area in it’s tank, so that way it has the choice to be on land or in water and isn’t forced to be somewhere it doesn’t want to be or feel safe.

As for “petting” a crayfish, if your crayfish is comfortable with it and doesn’t try to get away it’s okay to touch them but I wouldn’t do it extensively. They don’t need attention and affection like most mammals and birds do, they can survive without it.

One of my current crayfish, Queen is perfectly fine with me touching her and actually lets me readjust her so I can get any debris stuck on her off. But as soon as she starts moving away from my fingers I leave her alone, so she knows she doesn’t have to get touched she doesn’t want it.

Fourth, Let your crayfish walk across your fingers. This is completely unnecessary and you can risk the crayfish falling off your hands and getting hurt really bad. The only time my crayfish are in my hands is when I have to move them out of their tank and then they go straight into a temporary tank until they get put back into their tank. And I only time I have them in my hand is when I know I won’t be pinched and I don’t have a chance of dropping them.

I only let Queen crawl onto my hand when I move her from her tank cuz she won’t pinch me but my other crayfish I picked them up right behind their pinchers with my thumb and index finger so they can’t pinch me and I won’t drop them or I just used a net or container to scoop them up (containers easier cuz they have a habit of crawling out of a net and hanging onto it with their pinchers).

And the fifth way, which really made me mad. Fly your crayfish through the air. Grab the sides of your crayfish with your index and thumb. Now, slowly lift it into the air and move it around in a flying motion.

What! Why in the world would you do this! I bet there are very few people in your life that you would trust to pick you up and “fly” you though the air. So why would you do that to a crayfish?

The crayfish has no idea that it can trust you not to drop it. And what other animals let you do this to them? None. (Okay I know some parrots might enjoy this but they can fly)

I don’t think I need to explain this any farther. But I’m going to say what could happen if you did this, first you’re going to stress the crayfish out cuz it’s “flying through air” something it has never done before (nor ever wished to do) and if you accidentally drop it, it’s exoskeleton can crack (which depending how bad can lead to death) and the impact from being dropped could rupture some of his organs leading to death.

And that’s not the end, number six, Use a blade of grass to play swords with your crayfish. Okay have you ever met a cat who wanted to play swords? This is ridiculous the only time a crayfish pinches something is when it’s grabbing it to eat it, to hold on to it for stability or because it’s scared and defending itself and if you’re waving a piece of grass in front of it it’s either going to try to grab it to eat it or get stressed out and try to grab it to get it out of its face.

As for chasing a treat and stuff for a natural environment, just do that in it’s cage cuz it’s probably not going to enjoy any of it in a new environment. Also I suggest hiding pieces of treats instead of having it chased one. And you should already have stuff in its closure for a natural environment.

And at the bottom of the article it says this:

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s¬†Content Management Team¬†carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards.

WikiHow, your high quality standards are terrible! And your accuracy! if you’re going to have an article on an animal have a professional check it!!

And the article has been viewed over 53,000 times.

If you took out all the bad stuff that it said and just reinforced all the good things it should be called How to enrich and give mental stimulation to your pet crayfish.

But unfortunately there’s just so many bad things in this article that can lead to injured and dead crayfish.

This article makes me so mad and sad at the same time, some naive person is going to trust these so-called “experts” and are going to end up hurting a crayfish or stressing out so bad that it passes away.

I have had hundreds of crayfish and they just absolutely amazing animals they don’t deserve this.

Please do your research and don’t rely on one article!

Thanks for reading my rant, and if you find any information out there that could lead to someone getting hurt please don’t be afraid to speak up, AnaRose