My cat was born May 26th 2015, my sister Paige, my neighbor and I finally came upon an agreement a name for him when he was 3 to 5 days old, Sugar Pipsqueak Sunshine (we thought he was a girl…. Oops).

The day before he was 4 months old I brought him inside on the agreement with my dad that his name would be Cat, that is why is name is now Cat. He was the only kitten that was born, I helped his mother raised him since he was two days old, his mother, Miss showed me where he was on the 28th. So Sugar has always been attached to me, since when he first opened his eyes I was the one constant thing he saw every day besides his mother. Because he’s so attached to me and forgives me so easily I like to do photo shoots with him, ever since he was a kitten I’ve taught him to come, sit, stay and lay down with hand motions (he’s always done better with hand motions than word commands).

My friend (the same one who drew the picture of Mole and Texido) gave me for my birthday a bandana, so I took a few photos of Sugar in the bandana

He is usually a bit more cooperative but before I took the photos I just gotten him out of my lap so he was a little upset with me…

I hope you enjoyed the photos of Sugar and a little background story on him, if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, AnaRose


R.I.P Mole

Today it has been three months since Mole has passed…..

Mole passed away Sunday, October 28th 2018, he was a year and 9 to 10 months old. I’m sorry I didn’t do this blog post sooner, I didn’t feel like to making this blog post and every time I went to do it I started to cry.

Ever since Mole was almost a year-and-a-half old (when I got him he was a feeder rat, they don’t live as long as Rats from a breeder) I have been praying to God that when it was Mole’s time to pass that I would be there with him. With my two rats that passed before Mole I wasn’t with one of them and I wasn’t able to be with the other one when he passed.

The entire week before the 28th Mole hadn’t been himself, he was always tired and didn’t look good, I thought it was just because he was older. Friday to Saturday (26th-27th) I was at a friend’s house, when I came home Saturday evening Mole looked really tired and was breathing kind of heavily but I didn’t think anything of it thinking maybe he was just sad that I’ve been gone for over 24 hours and it has been months since I left him for that long.

Sunday I got up and started on my chores, when I saw that the rats were awake I feed them, Mole wouldn’t eat, was breathing really heavily and every time he let out a breath he would kind of launch forward, Mole wanted me to hold him so I thought he wasn’t eating because he wanted attention, I picked Mole up and cradle him in my arms for a few moments before putting him back but everytime I try to put him back he would climb up my arm, I finally managed to get him into the cage. I started working on my other chores and my mom got him out until I was finished so I could hold him.

I probably sat there for more than two hours just cradling Mole well his breathing got worse, every time he would exhale he would launch forward and with each breath he would launch forward slightly more. Occasionally he would start chattering, about 30 minutes before he passed I had him held up next to my face and when he took a breath it sounded bubbly like he was breathing through water that was the only time his breath sounded like that, then 30 minutes later my baby takes a few gasping breaths and passes away in my arms……. It was 9 or 9: 30am

I am so thankful to God that I got to be with my baby when he passed and that he wanted me to be with him for his last moments.

I don’t know why but Mole’s death was more hard on me than any of my other animals that have passed. My cat Diamond, that started my love for animals, after he passed I slowly forgot what he looked like and what we’ve done together. But with Mole I remember everything about him, all the good things like how he would follow me around, never leave me and didn’t like other people holding him only wanting me to hold him and all his bad habits like attacking the other boys so I would get him out.

These are pictures of Mole taken before he passed well he was resting on my shoulder.

I feel like it’s just yesterday that Mole passed but I feel like it’s been an eternity since I’ve seen him. In the evening on the Thursday (25th) before he passed, me and my family were watching The Incredible Hulk and I got Mole out and he laid on my shoulder and I rested my head on him while he just chattered. And because of that I take out my other rat, Ruby who is a blind albino female, out every night for two hours and just cuddle with her so that when she passes the night she got to be with me, though I pray that I will be with her when she passes just like I was with Mole.

This Ruby, when I get her out she finds a tight space to hide in and sleeps there, because of that this is the most recent photo I have and it is 7 months old…..

My best friend drew this picture for me (some orange Fanta spilled on the picture that’s the orange tint) the one that’s laying down is Tuxedo, Mole is the one sitting up. Thank you so much Besty for making the picture for me!

If you have any questions about Mole or Ruby feel free to ask me in the comments, thanks for reading my post,


My best friend Bully

I was talking to some of my friends earlier and while I was talking to them I remembered my best friend that I had when I was 8, 9 or 10, Bully. The reason I called him Bully was because I meet him in the late spring or summer, I believe, when some kids at the youth group I was going to, were kicking him against a wall. I pushed through the bullies and scooped up the American toad, I told the bullies something along the lines of about how he was just a toad and did nothing wrong (I don’t remember exactly what I told them).

After that I took him to a small area of grass and set with him there in my lap, when my dad arrives to pick me and my sister Froggy Crochet up, Froggy Crochet said that she wasn’t going to be in the car with a lose toad. Well he ended up coming home with us, much to my sister’s dismay, I believe my dad agree to have the toad in the car was because Froggy Crochet didn’t want him to come and my dad loves teasing us. I had decided to name him Bully since he gotten bullied and survive.

I wanted to keep him but the only place we could keep him would be an our 10 gallon which we had three fire belly toads in, we thought that cuz Bully was so much larger than them he might try to eat them so I released Bully in my back pasture. The next day or two Bully came back to the back door I put him back in the back pasture and he just kept on coming back so I stopped putting him back out there.

I enjoyed the visits from Bully, who came every couple of days for months. The last visit I had from Bully was in the early fall I believe, I was outside with my mom, well she was talking to a friend of hers when I saw Bully hopping up towards me. I scooped up Bully and handed him to Mom to show her friend, that’s when I realized that I had blood on my hands I told Mom, she looked at her hand that she wasn’t holding Bully with at the moment and saw that she had blood on her hand too. So I took Bully from Mom to see where the blood had came from and on his left hind leg on the back of his thigh, his skin had been completely torn off all you could see was muscles, veins and blood. Mom told me to go put him in the back pasture and that he would be fine, I believe now that it could have been our inside-outside cat or a raccoon.

Over the next few days to a week I prayed for him and thought about him, and I was walking in front of our back pasture a few days to a week later and saw his body πŸ˜₯ he was facing our house trying to get back, me and Froggy Crochet gave him a water burial in 1 of our ditches.

I miss him so much but I know he is in a better place now. And now that I look back he is 1 of the reasons I have started to rescue animals and help animals as much as I can. Even being as young as I was, I was able to save him from bullies who could have killed him, I may have not been able to save him from his second life-threatening event but I think God use that show me that even if you help them sometimes they’re not going to make it.

Thanks for reading my post, if have any questions please feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer them as best as I can to my memory, AnaRose

Cohabitating animals from the same place

I’ve kept a fire belly toad and a American grey frog together, I do not recommend this at all. I will do a blog post soon about that and it was for very special reason that they were kept together and I know a lot of people say that well it’s okay for me but you can’t do it, so I will explain in that blog post why they were kept together.

For this blog post I’m going to talk about cohabitating animals from the same place, as the title says πŸ™‚ I have a cockatiel, Cracker Jack (I can’t get his blog post links, sorry) and a bearded dragon, Leatherback Lava. That I mentioned in Doing things in remembrance.

A couple weeks ago I had Leatherback out and I remember that I had to feed Cracker Jack, I carried Leatherback in with me thinking that Cracker Jack would be fine with it and Cracker Jack was fine with it but Leatherback kept on running out of my hands onto the floor trying to get to Cracker Jack. I believe this proves that even though they live in the exact same place (Australia) I can’t keep them together or Leatherback would keep on trying to eat Cracker Jack, not that Cracker Jack paid any attention to Leatherback when Leatherback was trying to get to him.

I believe that the only animals that should cohabitate is when they are of the same species, now with some animal you can’t cohabitate at all like bearded dragons, Pac-Man and pixie frogs, tarantulas, praying mantises, ect…

The reason I believe you shouldn’t cohabitate animals together is because one or both of them can get disease from the other animal or one of them could hurt the other one (I know this can also happen with cohabitating animals that are the same species, since they are of the same species they would be more able to defend themselves then if it were a different species) I believe that it’s just safer to only cohabitate animals of the same species if they can live with one another.

Thanks for reading my post, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments, AnaRose

How to care for starving/dehydrated toads/frogs

As I have mentioned in my blog post about My favorite animal, I have trouble keeping the smaller American toads because they don’t adapt as well as the larger and older ones. I end up collecting 7 small American toads I was feeding them every few days (the reason I was not feeding them every day was because I didn’t want to stress them out, and since I was going to let them go after having them a week or two it wasn’t going to harm them) they were all eating just some were eating a lot better than others, today I went to go feed them I was feeding them a day late and a couple hours after I was going to feed them I was going to let them go. But instead I found 3 dead, 2 skinny and 2 emaciated 😦 emaciated means literally starving really bad and very dehydrated, they evidently flip their water bowl a day or two ago and so they had no water.

What are these photos were taken after I put them in a water bath, with the two emaciated ones you could see almost all their bones and the two skinny ones you could start seeing their spine and their leg bones 😦 I decided since there are very few things out there about how to care for starving/dehydrated that I would post about them. So this is how you take care of starving and dehydrated toads:

First thing and the best thing to do is put them in a container with water only have the water as high as it can be without the toad or frog being able to get their entire head covered in water always use rain water or put Water Conditioner in the water I used a fish Water Conditioner that works with my fire belly toad it’s in a box currently so I don’t know what type of fish Water Conditioner it is, there’s also a reptile and amphibian Water Conditioner, never used tap water unless it’s been set out in the sun for 48 hours. Even if they’re just starving it’s good to put them in a bath and if their climent is dry they’re going to be dry because they absorb water through their skin, if they’re dehydrated leave them in the water for 30 minutes to an hour but if they’re just starving 15 minutes to 30 minutes is fine, the reason to put them in the water even if they’re just starving is because it will help them be alert enough to be able to eat.

When you take them out of the bath put them in a nice clean and closure if you had them in a closure when you found out they were starving or dehydrated spray down the enclosure and everything else in it with vinegar then wipe it dry then spray it all down again with water and wipe it dry again just to make sure they don’t absorb any vinegar. Here are some pics of them after being in the water for 45 minutes to an hour

They all look so much better.

Put them in the enclosure with paper towels or old clean hand towels that you wouldn’t mind being used, I don’t suggest using dirt or anything like that because you don’t want them ingesting anything while they’re eating, let them settle for a couple of minutes, then you can go outside and look under bricks and logs for earthworms and rolly pollies with the earthworm’s you will need to cut them down into small pieces that can fit in their mouth, or you can go to Walmart or bait store and get wax worms, if you have an animal that needs more fat these work really well because they’re really fat, or if you can go to the pet store you can buy earthworms there or crickets or roaches or the mini mealworms because their exoskeletons are not as hard. If their food keeps on going underneath the towels take out the towels or put their food into a lid of a jar where the food can’t get out but the Toads/frogs can eat them.

Thanks for reading my post and if you have any questions just let me know in the comments, AnaRose

Cracker Jack again #2 πŸ™‚

Cracker Jack is not so sure about the camera πŸ™‚ Cracker Jack is starting to become more friendly πŸ˜ƒ I have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with him or else he throws a fit ☺️ on the 14th I put his cage outside well I was outside, he really enjoyed listening and seeing all the other birdies, I’m currently working on the blueprint for an aviary I want to build for him (an aviary is a large outside enclosure for birds (I enjoy making blueprints for cages)) if I ever get around to actually getting it built do a couple post about the construction and after I finish the blueprints I’ll do a post about the blueprints. Almost everything you read about birds you hear about how intelligent they are, okay some people might take that for granted but since I having so many other pets that are all so different and so they all need different types of mental stimulation I wasn’t going to pass over that part where they need mental stimulation to keep them from getting bored and to keep their mind active here’s a video that proves they are very intelligent and not just copy things but will repeat it over and over again just for fun not even for a treat.

I’ve gotten Cracker Jack to accept Burger, banana bread, white bread and wheat bread from my hands (he’ll only do it if he’s already eating if I do it when he’s not eating he throws a fit and then when he realizes I have food he eats it :)), I’m only letting him out whenever he does this dance to show that he wants out whenever we eat I’ll open the door so he can come out if he wants to, Cracker Jack is becoming much more willing to step on the stick still doesn’t like my hands but once outside of his cage he’s to step up on my hands it’s when he’s inside his cage he doesn’t like to, I’ve been slowly switching him over to my seed mix for him he likes it cuz it’s really colorful and after he’s fully on my seed mix I’ll get him on the pellets I have for him but I have way more seeds and pellets so I’m going to start with the seeds and then start him on the pellets since he likes colorful food I’m going to use food coloring to dye his pellets.

Thanks for reading my post, AnaRose

My favorite animal

If you had asked me a year ago what my favorite animal was I would said cats or I have to many to choose from πŸ™‚ but today I think I’ve finally found out what my favorite animal is.

It is………… American toads!!!

The reason I believe that my favorite animal is American toads is cuz every time I see them I get the most excited then when I see any other animal and they make the best pets! I’m not kidding, the older they are the better pets they make and they can live up to 30 years, I collect them and release them a couple days to a couple weeks later, I was actually planning this spring to collect and keep them forever and breed them next year and stick their eggs outside to hatch and grow up into more, but I moved….. and their cage was going to be the bottom of my closet that I remodeled for them so that’s what happens when I plan ahead…….

The reason I decided to post about my favorite animal is because I caught an American toad today the first one of the year! I’m going to keep her for a couple days and then let her go because she is small and I don’t have any tanks to keep her permanently 😦 the only one I have is to small to keep her in there long-term so she’s staying in that for a couple days because I enjoy having them and also so I can feed her and make sure she is healthy and even if I did have a tank to keep her in permanently I wouldn’t cuz personally the older the American toad is the better pets they make cuz they adapt better and are friendlier and I have no clue why they adapt better and are friendlier it doesn’t make much sense but a lot of things with animals don’t make much sense πŸ™‚ if you have any ideas on what to name the little girl I found let me know

Thanks for reading my post, AnaRose